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D'Ieteren Immo

D’Ieteren Immo is the real estate company of the D'Ieteren Group in Belgium. D'Ieteren Immo is responsible for the management of the real estate assets that are owned by the D’Ieteren Group in Belgium, most of which are occupied by D’Ieteren Automotive. The assets include offices, workshops, concessions, logistics centres, residential units, parking lots and landbanks. Part of the activities includes the reconversion and redevelopment of sites that are not used by D’Ieteren Automotive. In addition to managing its own property assets, the company offers real estate advice and a range of services to the tenants of the properties in the portfolio.

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Revenue per year

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Number of seats at the board

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Ownership structure

D'Ieteren Group 100%

Investment Case – Our Journey with D’Ieteren Immo

The strategy endorsed by D’Ieteren Immo “Invest, enhance, hold when core and divest when non-core”, constitutes the heart of our sustainable approach.

The creation of D’Ieteren Immo in 2016 was driven by the ambition to professionalise and consolidate all the real estate activities of the D’Ieteren Group. D'Ieteren Immo ensures the long-term development of D’Ieteren's real estate portfolio, which in some cases has been part of the Group's assets for decades. D’Ieteren Immo strives for excellence in its fields of expertise through:

  • Rigorous governance;
  • Sustainable management of its real estate portfolio;
  • Long-term relationships with its clients, its suppliers and the authorities;
  • All being enabled through a well-trained and proactive team.

D'Ieteren Immo is currently managing 31 operational sites, covering a total surface area of approximately 760k m² of which 40% is running on self-generated electricity.

The path ahead: “Investing with a long-term vision while limiting our impact on global warming”

D’Ieteren Immo is clearly positioning itself as a responsible real estate company that thinks about and anticipates economic, societal and environmental developments. It also continues to innovate in order to create long-term value for all its stakeholders (people, customers, society and shareholders).

D’Ieteren Immo is convinced that sustainability is not merely an option but a necessity. This is why it wants to become an example in the sustainable management of both existing buildings and new projects by leading the way in the transition to a sustainable society through a reduction of its carbon footprint, a broad action programme in the areas of biodiversity and a reduced energy consumption through monitoring, production of green electricity on its own sites, or storage of autogenerated energy.