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Non-financial reporting

The non-financial report of the D’Ieteren Group consists of five distinct disclosures. The first disclosure covers D’Ieteren Group, its responsible approach as an investment firm, and the way it integrates ESG aspects in its operating model.

This disclosure is complemented by a dedicated disclosure for each of the Group’s business. This year however, the structure of each disclosure has been adapted to match the businesses’ new sustainability strategic framework. These strategic frameworks have all been built on the outcomes of the materiality assessment conducted by the activities in 2019-2020. For each strategic axis, the activities disclosed their ambitions and the way they intend to achieve these. However, the specificity of some strategic areas, as well as the decision to challenge some measurement processes, have led activities in certain cases to perform further analyses before setting ambitions and quantitative targets.

In terms of non-financial reporting framework, D’Ieteren Group aligned itself with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards – Option Core. The GRI standards have been developed over the last 20 years and represent global best practice for reporting on economic, environmental and social issues.

This year, D’Ieteren Group also complemented its non-financial reporting with a separate table of ESG quantitative metrics (ESG Statement). As opposed to the metrics published in the disclosures (which are key indicators used by the businesses to assess their progress against a specific target, be they gross or relative KPIs), these metrics consist of generic ESG data aimed at further informing our stakeholders. These metrics - the same for all businesses – cover three different ESG areas:

  • Environmental aspects : greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and waste
  • Social aspects : community engagement, employee turnover, health & safety data, and headcount of employees by type of contract, region, gender
  • Governance : diversity in management, anti-corruption and ethics

In 2020, a first limited assurance has been obtained on a selected number of KPIs from three activities. KPIs that obtained a limited assurance are indicated with a checkmark (v) in the activities’ disclosure and in the non-financial statement. This process was a first step towards D’Ieteren Group’s wider ambition to obtain assurance for – at least – all business-specific KPIs and all Group non-financial KPIs (customer satisfaction, employee engagement and CO2 emissions scope 1 and 2) by 2025. In 2021, the assurance scope will therefore be expanded to a broader set of KPIs as well as to D’Ieteren Immo which was not involved in the first round of external assurance.