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Mission and values

Since its foundation in 1805 in Brussels (Belgium), D’Ieteren has been the name of a family of entrepreneurs that has grown over more than two centuries into what is called today the D’Ieteren Group.

The mission of the Group is to build a family of businesses that reinvent the industries in which they operate in search of excellence and meaningful impact.

Why is the word ‘family’ so important to us? Because it naturally blends all the qualities we believe are necessary to run a thoughtful, meaningful company for the long term.

We are passionate about the companies we invest in and we embark with them on a journey towards long-term value creation for all our stakeholders.

Meaningful impact is our gold standard for value creation.

Our mission

We are constantly looking to add new investments to our family of businesses that are driven by emerging customer needs in key sectors.

Because excellence can only be sustained by inspiring and passionate business professionals, we see ourselves as true partners of our management teams, seeking meaningful collaboration rooted in a common sense of purpose.

Our businesses are first and foremost human adventures. In that context, D'Ieteren Group's support aims to reveal and nurture talents and build sustainable organizations.

Our values

As a Group, we aspire to uphold five values that have been, and continue to be, central to our preoccupations: Entrepreneurship, Curiosity, Courage, Care and Respect.

Throughout our long journey of entrepreneurship we have pushed the boundaries of our businesses, fostering curiosity as the ability to discover uncharted potential and courage as the ability to take reasonable risks without guarantee of success.

Conscious of the central role that our management teams and employees play in our success and impact, we always place respect and care at the core of our actions.