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Mission and values

Since its foundation in 1805 in Brussels (Belgium), D’Ieteren has been the name of a family of entrepreneurs that has grown over more than two centuries into what is called today the D’Ieteren Group.

The mission of the Group is to build a family of businesses that reinvent the industries in which they operate in search of excellence and meaningful impact.

Why is the word ‘family’ so important to us? Because it naturally blends all the qualities we believe are necessary to run a thoughtful, meaningful company for the long term.

We are passionate about the companies we invest in and we embark with them on a journey towards long-term value creation for all our stakeholders.

Meaningful impact is our gold standard for value creation.

Our values

As a Group, we aspire to uphold 5 key values that are the essence of our businesses. We live by these values and embrace them in everything we do.


As a family business and a family of businesses, an entrepreneurial mindset is integral to our DNA. This innovative spirit is carried through all our activities, as we look for new opportunities and strive towards achieving excellence. We create value for our businesses by challenging and helping them strengthen and develop. We aim to drive change, progress and sustainable development into our businesses. For this reason, we welcome people who are driven by challenges, and we support them in developing the skills they need to thrive and sustain our businesses’ market leadership positions.


A strong desire to learn is embedded in our history and it inspires our continued exploration of customers’ needs and emerging sectors. This spirit of inquiry keeps us constantly alert to investment opportunities in meaningful businesses and to ways in which we can support their long-term value creation. This is why we encourage and foster our people’s curiosity. Not only does it enrich their personal development, but also allows them to achieve their full potential.


Our long history has taught us that real transformation and growth usually require time and effort. To us, courage is about always doing our best, about persevering and about taking risks without the guarantee of success. In our journey to achieve excellence and meaningful impact, we do not fear stretching the boundaries or challenging ideas, but stand alongside our management teams when they act with reasoned boldness.


As a family of businesses, we look after each other, support and enrich each other. We care about our people by ensuring their work environment is safe and career paths contribute to their well-being. We are also mindful that the welfare of our clients is both core to, and the ultimate goal of, our activities. Since we are aware of our responsibilities towards future generation, we are taking actions to reduce our environmental footprint and seek to create positive societal impact. This caring approach runs through our investment process which considers the impact of our activities on all our stakeholders.


Our investment philosophy is based on respect and integrity. The continuous and open dialogue that we have with our external and internal stakeholders is held in a respectful and open-minded way. And the close and long-term relationship with our management teams, that characterizes our ownership approach, is based on a permanent, open and respectful dialogue.